ABOUT the East Valley Field Trail Club

The East Valley Field Trial Club or EVFTC was established in August of 2004. The purpose of the club was to bring together people who love to hunt and trial their dogs from Arizona's East Valley.

Another objective of the club was to help those who are new to Pointing Dogs or new to hunt/field trialing to give them more opportunities to train and compete with their dogs in a fun learning atmosphere.

The East Valley Field Trial Club actively participates in many field trial formats. We are a dues paying AFTCA club and part of the AFTCA Region 12.

New members are always welcome, from the East Valley or not. Please visit our JOIN page for details on becoming a member.

Thank you.

Eric J. Ulrich




E A S T  V A L L E Y  F I E L D  T R A I L  C L U B

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