Black Canyon's Gusto with Cliff's Top Gun backing
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Planned Litters

Our puppies are competitively priced for the field trailer and avid upland bird hunter. In the past we priced our puppies at a lower price in an effort to make owning a quality field trial and hunting dog affordable to anyone. Most first time dog owners felt our dogs were priced well below their market value. More recently we have decided to only sell our dogs to homes where they will be properly trained and used first and foremost to compete in field trails and secondly as top quality hunting companions. We feel we have come up with a good pricing model that allows us to remain competitively priced and for our puppies to go to homes where they will be used for what years of planned breeding has prepared them for: field trails and upland bird hunting. While a breeders price, high or low, may not reflect superior breeding or a pup with a competitive edge, for some time now we have been breeding dogs that are field champions or have field trial placements or have produced field trial winners to insure that our buyers have everything they need on the back end so their pup will perform on the front end.

  • Whelping Spring 2008

None planned currently.