Black Canyon's Gusto with Cliff's Top Gun backing
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We chose the Pointer, because they are the ultimate quail dog. Nothing looks more refined and majestic then a well broke, stylish Pointer standing on point. That is the reason the Pointer is known for being the king of bird dogs.

CH Topknots Lacey in Heber, AZ

Many people have said that Pointers run to big or that Pointer owners are crazy. I have found that there is a great variance in range in the Pointer breed. Some Pointer lines are All-Age dogs and some are Shooting dogs, on the odd occasion I have seen some that are classified as boot lickers, but for the most part I have seen a good hunting range within the breed. As a old timer once told me, "You can always pull a dog in with a check cord but, I have never seen one pushed out with one!" How true this is, in some breeds it is the norm for dogs to run not more then 15 yards in front of the handler, and I challenge you to send a dog like that 100 yards down to a fence line to work. I hunt in big open country, and my dogs cover much more ground then I do. I can not imagine needing to walk my dog into a covey of birds that would be in shooting range anyway. My dog covers the ground so I don't need to.

Black Canyon's Bouncer and Hyland's Odie training at Cordes Junction, AZ

Here at Black Canyon Kennels we have drawn up a tentative breeding plan that spans five generations and will take us seven to ten years to reach. The end product will net us the type of dogs that can be competitive in field trials and be fine hunting companions. We have moved away in the last few years from heavily line bred dogs.

BlackCanyon's BluRail, Fine example of the pups Hedge Row throws.

What do we think makes a good dog? We like dogs that are easy to train, and seem to have a one track mind to find birds. We have had dogs that will or do make good family pets as well as good hunting dogs. But this is not the norm for our dogs. We look for a great hunting dogs and everything else comes second to that.

Sam and 1eye training on the check cord.

How can we prove our dogs are up to snuff? We look to place our dogs with field trial and hunting homes. We feel in doing this it gives our dogs the opportunity to fulfill their purpose. We do get regular feed back from owners of our dogs on their progress. We have dogs that have competed in American Field walking and horseback, AKC walking and horseback, and NSTRA trials, and have placed and are very competitive.

Over the course of the last eight years we have carefully selected individuals that are the basis for our program. Some of the dogs that we have selected as puppies have not turned out as adults and have been eliminated from our program. Some of these dogs are sold at a very reduced rate or even given to a carrying home with all faults made clear to the new owner. On a few occasions these dogs that I will term as culls, have been then resold or given to yet another new owner, and many times the faults of the dog are not clearly communicated. Unfortunately this reflects badly on us. We feel being open and honest with the owners and future owners of our dogs is the only way we can properly place our dogs. Some factors for exclusion are, severe under bite, cross bite, extreme size (too small or too large), abnormal stance (sway backed, east and west feet), extremely timid, extreme aggression. Of course we understand that all breeding is a series of trade offs. We hope to carry the great attributes from our foundation stock over the generations to come.

CH Topknots Lacey

Rascal X Lacey Litter Tuff X Lacey Litter

Black Canyon's Bouncer training in Snowflake, AZ

Black Canyon's Gusto training in Queen Creek, AZ
TrainWreck X Red Litter Gut X Mattie Litter Gut X Red Litter
Black Canyon's Tea training at Sonoita, AZ Black Canyon's Aunt Beckie Black Canyon's PoePoe

This table represents three generations of our breeding plan from one of your females. We consider Lacey a Grade A female. She seems to pass on the "Right Stuff". We have other females that we feel add specific traits to your breeding plan. We want trainable hard charging dogs. Our goal is to maintain and improve on our foundation dogs.

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